Spawned in New Zealand and nesting in Sydney. 
Bachelor of Laws and Marketing (Advertising Strategy).
Admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW.
Failed musician. Dreadful painter. Avid doodler. Generous improviser.
Gave up a stable career in law for the precarity of a career in advertising.
And before you ask yourself a third time, 'Why the hell would Asher do that'?
Because good ideas come from trying bad ideas.

What they think:
"Asher is a true pleasure to work with and a fresh thinker. He takes on feedback exceptionally well, is relentless in his creative approach and would be a cracking addition to any agency."
— Tom Lawrence, Senior Creative at DDB
"Asher is inquisitive, tenacious, relentless and, above all, weird. And who doesn’t love weird?"
— Robert Boddington & Jack Robertson, Creatives at CHEP Network
"Asher is a genuinely funny and kind yidshe mensch. With a sharp strategic mind and a notebook always in hand, he knows the best insights come at the pub. That's why you'll often find him chatting to the punter."
— Dean Shein, Copywriter at VML
"I had the pleasure of tutoring Asher when he completed AWARD School. Over the three months, I saw Asher go from strength to strength through sheer determination and passion for great creative ideas. Always geared with a unique point of view and lots of questions, Asher is a curious creative always looking to better his craft and takes feedback in his stride. Asher is a delight to work with and would be an excellent addition to any creative department."
— Lucy Hay, Copywriter at Leo Burnett
"Asher has exceptional vocabulary skills and a strong command of the English language; while his handwriting could benefit from improvement, his ability to colour within the lines is impressive."
— Mr MacDonald, Asher's Year 3 Teacher
What you think:
"Let's hire that Asher Paris guy!"
What he thinks:
“I’d recommend Asher to any prospective employer. HIS WORK IS SURPRISINGLY results-driven, HIS creativITY IS NOTABLE and gives honest references.”
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